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artist:  blue ribbon
album title:
another time
catalog no: bbr02
formats available: cd / mp3
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the band was started by jon and steve in 1997 under the name "how to draw robotech."  this line up featured steve on guitar, farfisa, and vocals; and jon on drums and a little yamaha keyboard.  in 2003, bryan joined the group playing the bass, ms-10, and the jupiter 6, followed by jesse - master of the juno 60 and mono/poly keyboards.  jon controls drum machines, drums,and plays mono/poly while sharing vocal duties with steve, who also works the jupiter 6 and ms2000 keyboards.

during this time, half of the band resided in new york city, and the other half in providence, where they played live shows with artists such as dirty on purpose, elefant, my favorite, au revoir simone, and more.  in the next two years, blue ribbon contributed tracks to three compilations: "uac4" on the plastiq musiq label,  "wxjl 2: music for the masses" on ninthwave records, and  "hear you soon : part one" on blue bell records.

have you been searching for an album by a new artist and hoping to fall in love with every song on the record instead of just one or two tracks for once?  do you like figurine?  joy division?  omd?  hollAnd?  new order?  the cure?  chameleons uk?  the human league?  if you answered "yes" to one or more of the questions above, you will absolutely be taken
by blue ribbon.

they are four guys in providence, rhode island:  jon, bryan, steve, & jesse - and they make some of the most powerful and symphonic synth-driven melodies and sing the most memorable, catchy lyrics we have heard in quite some time.

their song "
eagles fly" appeared on the "hear you soon" compilation on blue bell records released in 2004 (w/ 808 state, figurine, hollAnd, marumari, lullatone, freescha, sybarite), and tons of listeners wrote in to let us know how much they loved the song and wanted to hear more - now we are quite pleased to give you  what you asked for:  blue ribbon's debut album, "another time!"

we hope you enjoy this quartet's first album of many to come, made to fill your ears with enchanting lyrics, thoughtful arrangements, and danceable beats.   this record is one of those rare finds  - after the first listen, the words and melodies  were stuck stuck in our heads for days  --- "she speaks and i don't understand / she writes her number on the back
of my hand / 6-4-6 is the area code / i'm gonna program her name in my telephone!"

blue ribbon has played shows from the east coast in brooklyn, new york to the west coast in portland, oregon with these folks:  the sounds, au revoir simone, faux fox, dirty on purpose, the winter set, and countless other awesome musicians. 
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