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ok ikumi + spirits                                                           listen+info

"karl jorgensen's ok ikumi style could be described as james figurine-meets- solvent and, if that combination sounds appealing, rest assured you won't be disappointed by the thirteen ultra-melodic songs on his debut full-length, spirits," - review from textura magazine, canada. 
blue ribbon + another time                                             listen+info

"highlights include the punching-bag beats of "lyra" and the peculiar duet of what sounds like joy division's ian curtis lamenting with robert smith on "roll your eyes," - review from grooves magazine, new jersey.
v/a + hear you soon : part one                                       listen+info

"when you used to murmur "calgon, take me away," did you ever wonder where you might go?  whatever strange magical land it might have been, the soundtrack to your trip would surely
be hear you soon," - review from res magazine, new york.

featuring: figurine, 808 state, marumari, tycho, hollAnd, freescha, i am robot and proud, hausmeister,
blue ribbon, lullatone, greg davis, and more.
all releases are mastered by trevor kampmann (hollAnd) @ analogous digital studios in brooklyn, new york usa. 
he has produced, mastered, and engineered albums for teenbeat, kill rock stars, temporary residence limited, matador, palace records, sub-pop, domino, tomlab, le grande magistery, and march records