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blue bell records was created in 2003 by a girl named faith while living in beautiful
midtown sacramento, california usa.

faith did some time as a representative and moved her way up to lead supervisor for the
customer service department at tower records headquarters (r.i.p. tower records usa).

soon after that, she learned many things while working at an indie
distributor/ record label in california called darla records.

when asked by her professor to use only one word or a short sentence to describe herself, 
three words immediately flew out of her mouth:  i love  music.

blue bell records was born, and our goal is to release music by artists both new and known for
the whole world to hear.

if we had to, we'd describe the music of bbr as fun, indie, electronic, pop, new wave, pretty,
beat heavy, synthetic, melodic, and more. 

blue bell's debut release, "
various artists - hear you soon : part one," released in 2004, is an album featuring diverse tracks from some of our favorite new and known musicians from around the world:

figurine, sybarite, 808 state, blue ribbon, hollAnd, freescha, lullatone, tycho, greg davis, i am robot and proud, and marumari - just to give you a taste of future blue bell records releases.

blue bell's second release, "
another time" by blue ribbon, released in 2005, is from a brilliant four piece synth gang from providence, rhode island.  these guys have something special,
and we are so proud to release their debut album!

our third release is from a very talented young man out of provo, utah -
ok ikumi!  his album, "
spirits" is full of many surprises and promises to be a great listen.

blue bell records  plans to be around as long as you'll have us, so please stay tuned 
in the months and years to come.  our albums are available online and in record shops
worldwide.  visit the
store for more into.

please always support independent record labels, artists, and shops.
feel free to
say hello anytime, as reading your emails is always a pleasure.

check out an article from the sacramento news & review newspaper
all about blue bell records and how we started

you can listen to blue bell records founder faith wolfram on her radio show on sacramento's
K-ZAP" at 93.3 in sacramento, california on the fm dial or
stream it live on the internets. 

hear you soon!
blue bell records


long live blue bell the cat.