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artist:  various artists
hear you soon : part one
catalog no:  bbr01
formats available:  cd
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we would like to ask you one question:  when is the last time you put all of your heart and soul into making a mix tape or cd for somebody you wanted to thoroughly impress?  blue bell did just that for you, and it's a little compilation called "hear you soon : part one"
made especially to win you over.

if you enjoy pretty, beat heavy, poppy, new wave, dancey, melodic  beats - this compilation is exclusively for your ears.  blue bell's debut release is an eclectic collection of rare songs from around the globe that promises to make you smile, dance, and be happy - no matter what mood you're in.  every song on this cd is new & exclusive, an exclusive mix, or previously  unreleased - so you won't be hearing them anywhere else but here.

808 state
i am robot and proud
blue ribbon
greg davis
aarktica vs. aaron spectre

exceptional and exclusive tracks from some of your favorite music
artists from around the globe:  808 state (graham massey - rephlex, universal, tommy boy music, ztt), figurine (with jimmy tamborello of the postal service, dntel, and james figurine - march, 555, monika, blackbean & placenta), sybarite (4AD, temporary residence, zeal, static caravan), marumari (carpark, cunsanto), hollAnd (teenbeat, pulCec, darla), greg davis (kranky, carpark, autumn, lux nigra), freescha (attack nine), i am robot and proud (catmobile, mira, darla), hausmeister (karaoke kalk, sopot), aarktica (silber, ochre,  moonbunny, darla) vs. aaron spectre (opiate, moonbunny, mashit, struktur music company), technicolor (fuzzy box, dogprint), & lullatone (audio dregs, childisc), as well as newcomers:  blue ribbon (blue bell), tycho (gammaphone, ghostly international),  lifeliner+ (wes steed of park avenue music), and more is what you'll be hearing and dancing to after you press the appropriate button on your music playing machine.
tracklist / listen on myspace

01.  figurine - way too good (2 good mix) 
02.  junobot - baby
03.  marumari - casium 
04.  tycho - dream as memory 
05.  aarktica vs. aaron spectre - alceria
06.  i am robot and proud - circuit breaker,
       line noise faker 
07.  hollAnd - i steal and do drugs (mixed)
08.  808 state - metaluna 
09.  f+n=robot - learning a bicycle
10.  blue ribbon - eagles fly 
11.  lifeliner+ - platform
12.  hausmeister - ruben
13.  greg davis - good morning, amanda 
14.  sybarite - chewing gum & polaroids
15.  technicolor - et jam
16.  freescha -  making oranges:  version
17.  lullatone - ballet recital